“As a client of McKeand Consulting, the best part of having James available as our IT consultant was his honesty and integrity. James came to work for McNamee Hosea when he was a junior engineer with Alpha Engineering. When he opted to leave and start his own firm, we continued with our contract through Alpha for regular services. However, we also hired James to handle those problems Alpha could not resolve. James was concerned with how our firm operated and understood that a sudden change to the network could bring our firm to a halt. In the legal industry, our computer systems were the backbone. He understood when changes needed to be made that the impact of those changes had to be thought through completely. James was always quick to respond to any problem that we had and he would stick to troubleshooting till the problem was solved and then stay with it till we found the cause of the problem. Other firms we had come in usually stopped at the first solution they came to without considering the long term effects or the original cause. Because of this, we often called James to come fix problems created by other vendors. McKeand Consulting never suggests throwing money into unnecessary technology. James takes the time to consider where we are and what we need, in addition to what our internal capabilities are before recommending solutions. We have also hired him during our last major upgrade to review the plan provided by our regular vendor. James was able to provide many insights and ask the right questions to avoid the pitfalls that would have led to enormous downtime.”

Office Administrator
McNamee Hosea Attorneys at Law